"Theory never simply aspires

to the increase of knowledge itself;

its end is the emancipation of being from slavery "


The social sciences have contributed, over time, to establish worlds of meaning from which to take a position in the face of different situations. They have also been able to explain multiple phenomena that arise in diverse contexts, making visible subjects and actors in relationship.


This double relationship between reality and what is thought of that reality gives this field of science a particular richness, marked by the fact that there cannot be a theory without facts, just as facts without theory cannot be studied. as François Simian expressed it well.


And within the framework of these relationships and the actors who play a role in them, it is important to remember that science, like many other aspects of society, is developed collectively, thanks to the voices of many and many who, in any corner of the planet , they have something to say. This page wants to be just a channel that allows to bring these small reflections to the curious and critical minds that are on the other side of the screen.


Welcome and welcome